Transformative Pet Training!

At our leading pet training center, we specialize in nurturing well-behaved and happy pets through expert training programs. We understand the importance of a well-trained pet, and our dedicated and seasoned team is committed to providing a positive and effective learning experience for both of you.

Our pet training programs are designed to address a variety of needs, from basic obedience to specialized skills. Using positive reinforcement techniques and following the highest safety protocols, our trainers create a supportive environment that encourages learning and fosters a strong bond between pets and their owners. We believe training benefits pets of all ages, so we tailor our approach to the unique personality and behavior of each one. This way, they receive the individualized attention they deserve and produce the best results.

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Meet Our Dog Trainer, Kelsey

Kelsey first caught the training bug in 2006 during her internship at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. Her first training guinea pig was, well, her pet guinea pig named Gracie. That summer, Gracie learned to target, turn in a circle, and station and Kelsey was hooked. Since then, she has trained over a dozen species across 3 zoos in addition to her dogs, cats, and chickens at home. She took her passion to the next level in March of 2021 by becoming a full-time dog trainer.

Not only does Kelsey enjoy training, she also loves sharing this skill-set with others. She developed a class for gifted middle school students titled "How To Train Your Dragon (Or More Normal Animals)" and later adapted it to create a workshop for Denver Zoo volunteers. Training isn't a secret superpower: Kelsey wants to show you how you too can be a "dog whisperer" and deepen your bond with your pet by playing fun games that set both you and your pup up for success!

Training Packages and Pricing

Smiling yellow lab laying in grass.

Group Classes

Puppy Obedience - $230

Basic Obedience - $200

Intermediate Obedience - $230

Expert Training at Our Pet Center!

Whether you're dealing with a new puppy, an adopted adult dog, or a furry friend with specific behavioral challenges, our trainers have the expertise to guide you through the training process. Our goals are to set pets up for success by building important life skills that instill confidence and to empower pet parents with the knowledge and tools to reinforce good behavior and address any concerns in a constructive manner.

Through our effective pet training services, you will embark on an informative and exciting journey of transformation with your pet. Join the many satisfied pet parents who have witnessed the positive impacts of our training programs and experience the joy of a well-behaved and confident pet. When you invest in your pet's mental well-being through training, you not only prepare them for any life situation, but you also enhance your relationship and strengthen your bond with them. Book pet training and let's unleash the full potential of your pet's abilities in a supportive and enriching environment.