Cat Boarding

Siamese kitten laying in cat bed.

At Two Ponds Pet Lodge, we offer a special overnight stay for our feline friends where our staff pampers and showers them with love and attention. With our unique kitty lodges, your cat will enjoy peace and quiet. We want to ensure that you and your cats feel comfortable and confident when staying the night with us.

Our cat boarding is one-of-a-kind and we invite your cat to become a part of our ever-growing family while you are away. This allows them to miss you a little less and you can enjoy your time away even more. To reduce the potential stress your cat might face, our cat facility is in a separate area from the dogs and other little critters we might be housing.

Although cats may seem to be low maintenance pets, they still seek out affection and require a comfortable, relaxing environment where they can nap and play while you are away. That is why we take extra care of your little one in your absence. We make sure to spend quality time with your cat from the moment you drop them off to the moment you return to pick them up.

Boarding rates are for one pet only. 25% discount for each additional pet sharing the same cabin or condo.

Sleeping cat next to window.

Cat Condos: $28/night

● $5 Additional fee per pet, per night, for those pets boarding over the six major holidays and associated weekends. (including the week between Christmas and New Year’s)

● Pets on medications and/or supplements will incur a $3 per pet, per med, per day administration fee