Dog Grooming in Arvada CO


 Two Ponds Pet Lodge is pleased to offer dog grooming in Arvada CO. With a team that is dedicated to your dog’s care, your pet will be happy and comfortable under the support of Two Ponds Pet Lodge. We love dogs of all sizes and open our 

Dog Grooming Arvada CO

doors to serve the type of client we love the most, whether they’re big, small, scared, anxious, or overwhelmingly happy.

                We offer many different services that grooming entails. Your dog will be pampered with a haircut, bath, dry, brush, and nail trim. If your dog doesn't need the full grooming, we have options for single services, bath and brush that include a nail trim, or quick and departure baths for the dogs that have been boarded with us or spent the day at our day camp.

                Whether you are looking for dog grooming in Arvada CO or are located elsewhere in the Denver Metro Area, Two Ponds is here for you. We service the surrounding area to help accommodate those in need of pet care. With the help of local veterinarian Dr. Mitch Kramer, your pets will be kept in a happy and healthy environment full of fun and comfort. We also offer boarding and day camp for those that need longer care for their animals.

                We know that your dog is important to you and we will treat your dog as though they are a part of our family. If you’re looking for more than grooming, we have an extensive list of services that we offer to our clients. We don’t just cater to dogs, either. Your pet could have four legs, two legs, or no legs and we are here to ensure they are happy, healthy and comfortable when they come to Two Ponds Pet Lodge. To discuss appointments and schedules, for dog grooming in Arvada CO, contact Two Ponds Pet Lodge at 303-432-2771.